“I wear the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner to work, church, while running errands and to special events. Hopefully, this product will help you camouflage your cellulite, too.”

—Jacqueline, creator of Camouflage Cellulite


Like many of her customers, Camouflage Cellulite founder, Jacqueline, struggled to conceal cellulite. After observing the unsightliness on her stomach, rear, hips, and thighs, she began wearing long sweaters to the office to hide the cellulite under her lined slacks. “I felt that if I could see it others could as well,” Jacqueline said.

She tried many products, none of which seemed to do exactly what she desired—to smooth and conceal her cellulite without being constricting. Jacqueline said, “One of the products stopped in the middle of my thighs with the leg band visible beneath my slacks. A co-worker noticed. It was such an embarrassing feeling.”

Many products were too tight and uncomfortable to wear for eight to ten hours a day. Others had waistbands that rolled down and formed an unwanted roll around her midsection. After spending a lot of time, energy, and money trying to find a product that would solve all her needs, Jacqueline realized it didn’t exist…yet.

With necessity being the mother of invention, Jacqueline’s struggles with shapewear sparked an idea. Thus, the Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner was born!

Primer Durability Example


Think about it; we use a primer on our:

  • Nails before applying nail polish
  • Lips before applying lipstick
  • Eyes before applying eyeshadow
  • Eyelashes before applying mascara

A primer helps these products glide on and remain in place so that we can present a natural-looking, flawless finish.

Why wouldn’t we also use a primer to smooth and firm the flabby areas of our body before we put our clothes on?

The Camouflage Cellulite Body Liner acts like a primer: supporting your body and smoothing cellulite. It’s comfortable enough for everyday wear under your clothing. Additionally, your confidence will be restored as you present that desired slimmer appearance. You’ll also gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re on display, not your cellulite.

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